Jo’s on-line Ashtanga classes have been a blessing over the past year of lockdowns and social distancing. She is a very experienced and attentive teacher and even on-line she manages to keep an eye on you and make sure you’re not slacking! An excellent strong workout.

I love my weekly yoga sessions with Jo. Her space is the perfect haven, filled with friendly faces and great energy. Jo’s classes are great for all abilities, and I always leave the class with increased mental and physical energy, a boost in alertness and enthusiasm, and fewer negative feelings.
Thanks Jo .. five stars

Jo always makes the class something you really look forward too. Her personality shines through in each class. She always encourages improvement making you believe you can always do more. Each class ends with wonderful relaxation which restores you physically and mentally. Just wonderful.

Jo is an excellent yoga teacher. Her classes have a lovely flow that is easy to follow and accessible for everyone whatever your ability. With Jo you can work to your own level, she tailors poses to individual needs and there’s always a calm, relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel welcome. I enjoy being challenged and Jo knows just how much to stretch me or motivate me to stop slacking! With her hands-on approach, she gets to know all her students, listening and taking great care of everyone. She will re-position you to help make sure postures are safe and aligned so that you get the most from every pose. At the end of class Jo has a wonderful relaxation you always leave feeling rebalanced, relaxed and ready for the day ahead. Highly recommend!

Yoga Jo is unique! She lived and trained in an Ashram in India for many years, and lives a yogic life. You couldn't find a better Yogi.

It’s always a joy to take one of Jo’s classes. What a powerhouse of yoga knowledge and experience topped off with a tremendous sense of humour, plus she’s always kind and understanding! And she also loves chickens, what more could you want?

Jo is a lovely teacher. Her classes have a great energy and flow, and are always enjoyable. I always feel better after yoga with Jo.

If I was to choose one word that describes Jo's classes it would be balanced. Jo carefully plans for the right level of active postured and stretching, dynamics, relaxation, and meditation. I particularly enjoy Ashtanga class for it's dynamics, and although I've been practicing with Jo for nearly 10 years, none of the classes seem to be the same. Each week, Jo incorporates variety of postures and supports with direction and encouragement to trust your body and calm your mind. Class after class, my confidence grows to explore the postures further and discover what my body is capable of.

I've been attending classes with Jo for over 20 years. She is a super teacher, experienced and well qualified. Classes are friendly and peppered with gentle humour. She takes care to be aware of individual needs and will provide adaptations. Her classes are suitable for all levels and definitely worth attending.

Jo provides the most beautiful experience of yoga. She has been a great help with transforming my daily practice. A highly skilled teacher, always perfectly in tune with her class. Her Ashtanga classes help me to naturally extend my meditation practice and allow me to achieve this seamless flow, whilst Hatha always brings something new and exciting.I feel lucky to have met Jo and being able to work with her.

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